Cost vs. Value

    What makes our tour a premium service?

    The Epic American West Tour travels at a much more leisurely pace than standard motorcoach tours. We want you to experience each location we visit, not just scratch it off your list.

    The southern segment of our tour is the longest, and yet we travel only an average of 115 miles per day. Much of the reason has to do with the wonderful route we follow, with so many amazing things to do and see, but it also means that you spend more of your time at a destination than you do getting there. We have looked at some tours where the mileage is almost double what we cover on an average Epic Tour day. This is one situation where getting more for your money is not necessarily a good thing, unless spending the whole day riding in a coach is your idea of a good time.

    We travel with a second, auxiliary vehicle. This is unique in the travel industry, and it changes everything. In highly scenic areas almost everyone has a front or window seat. If half the group returns from a walk early, we don’t make them wait for everyone else. Side excursions are part of the tour – the whole trip isn’t spent trying to sell you add-ons and extras.

    By limiting the group to 30 people, and traveling during only three months of the year, there is no question we are not designed for high volume discounts.

    No tricks. For example, our fourteen day tour is fourteen days of touring – we don’t count your arrival and departure days.

    Does this mean we are the most expensive tour?

    Well, actually we’re not; we just think you would prefer to make this trip one of the most memorable and enjoyable experiences of your life.

    We have a different idea.

    1. We travel with a second vehicle.

    Yes, we already mentioned this, but it bears repeating for all the options it provides.

    For example, we picked Santa Fe, New Mexico as one of our unscheduled days, and spending that day strolling around - visiting the shops, galleries, and museums - is exceptionally pleasant. However, you might prefer to visit the former home and studio of Georgia O’Keefe in Abiquiu (subject to available tickets), a one hour drive away. Or, we can suggest a really nice hike at Tsankawi (if you look for it on Google, it may be in the wrong place). And, although it’s not our cup of tea, you might want to visit the nearby casinos. With our two vehicles, we can provide transportation for the top two or three choices of those who want to venture out of Santa Fe – and there is no additional charge.

    2. We provide Medical Trip Insurance.

    We do not think overseas visitors should travel in the USA without medical travel insurance. So, we include it for everyone.

    3. Breakfast and lunch are included.

    There are a number of times when a packed lunch will be needed for our hikers. Lunches need to be ordered and picked up all at once (often by our auxiliary driver - another advantage of having a second vehicle) so that we can get on the road each morning. Breakfast also needs to happen efficiently, for the same reason. So, we include those. Dinner is the meal that most people prefer to have on their own schedule at a place of their own choosing.

    On a few of the days there may not be many choices for dinner in the small towns we visit (Have you noticed that only about two hundred miles of the entire trip are on a four-lane, interstate highway?), but generally it seems to make the most sense for us to only include breakfast and lunch. We can make dinner restaurant suggestions, and help you get there if needed.

    4. Tickets, entry fees, and select third-party tours are included.

    Obviously, we include your entry into the parks, monuments, and museums we visit. As for additional services provided by third parties, we will design that part of the plan after your trip is fully subscribed and everyone has had a chance to send in their “Option Preferences Form”.


    There is a very important distinction between cost and value, and we think you’ll be very pleased if you choose to travel with us.

    For complete package pricing in your national currency, please refer to the contacts on the Booking & Registration page.



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