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    Spring - 2018

    The Epic American West Tour - Unlike Any Other

    "The Epic American West Tour" (EAWT) has 90 to 180 openings per year on the most comprehensive and satisfying tour of the American West/Rocky Mountain Region ever offered - designed and operated by Colorado residents with decades of experience in the travel business and an intimate knowledge of the Rocky Mountain region.

    Though never designed to be bargain-priced, we are pleased to announce that there will be no rate increase for the upcoming 2019 tour schedule - so the same great value is now even better.

    The Epic American West Tour takes travelers on a journey between the Mexican and Canadian borders along a route that visits twelve USA National Parks - including Carlsbad Cavern, Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, and Glacier. In addition to the most famous destinations, EAWT will also introduce our guests to their new favorite places - many of which they have never known about before.

    The extraordinary itinerary is just the beginning, as we also completely re-invented the concept of land cruising - and the standard motorcoach tour. We down-scaled the size of the primary vehicle to accommodate only 30 guests - so that our group won't overwhelm the places we visit. But the innovation which could change the industry is our addition of a second, auxiliary vehicle! Tailored special excursions are included in the overall tour, not added-on for additional charges. The entire group isn’t stuck doing the same thing at the same time all of the time.

    There are more special features:

    We travel in the quiet months from late August to late October, and May to early June - avoiding the peak summer crowds.

    Guests are encouraged to research the places we visit, and find and suggest options which suit their particular interests.

    So, can a pair of hardy veterans of the travel business provide true touring happiness by taking you to their own favorite places? Follow our story as we strive to provide the best of the American West to the world's most discerning travelers.

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    Glacier National Park


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    Goblin Valley Utah


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    Rainbow Bridge - Lake Powell


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    Courtney Keller

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