Insurance Coverage

    Visitors to the USA

    At The Epic American West Tour we do not think visitors to the USA should travel here without medical insurance. So, we provide it as part of the tour.

    Fortunately, the market for this service is well developed, and plans exist which cover most of the situations which might occur. We have chosen a plan which includes the following benefits:

    Accident and Sickness Medical maximum: $250,000* (Deductible: $100)
    Accidental Death & Dismemberment: $25,000
    Trip Interruption: $5,000
    Incidental trips to your Home Country: $25,000
    Emergency Dental: $200 per tooth, maximum $1,000
    Emergency Evacuation: $100,000
    Return of Minor Children: $5,000
    Repatriation of Mortal Remains: $25,000
    Emergency Reunion: $10,000
    Baggage and Personal Effects: $250

    *The maximum Emergency Medical Expense benefit is $50,000 for ages 70-79 and $10,000 for ages 80 and older.

    Additional non-medical coverage, including trip cancellation, should be purchased in your home country.

    US Citizens

    The choices for medical benefits for US citizens traveling in the United States are limited, and are generally only available as part of a trip cancellation policy.

    We chose a plan which has the best medical coverage we could find, and added enough additional benefits to match the value of the policies provided to our overseas guests:

    Emergency Medical: $25,000
    Trip Cancellation: $2,000*
    Trip Interruption: $3,000
    Emergency Medical Transportation: $500,000
    Baggage Loss/Damage: $1,000
    Baggage Delay: $300
    Travel Delay: $800
    Missed Connection: $800
    Change Fee Coverage: $250

    *After you receive your copy of the policy, you will have the opportunity to increase this limit for an additional fee.