Glacier National Park • Whitefish MT

    Except for those taking the spring version of The Epic American West Tour, all of our guests will be in Montana in late September. Snow in the surrounding mountains is more than likely, and we may do a bit of improvising as to routes and activities as a result. However, one thing is certain: It will be beautiful. If your idea of the perfect alpine scene is majestic snow-capped mountains rising from a pristine lake, Glacier National Park is the place to be.

    This is the northernmost destination of our tour, the turnaround point for our autumn trips, and whether your tour segment begins or ends in Whitefish, you will have a full day to be as busy or relaxed as you choose. As with Jackson, Aspen, and Santa Fe there are more things to do than are practical to list, so we will make suggestions based on your interests after you have filled out your "Option Preferences" form.

    Glacier National Park

    Lakes and mountains in abundance - Glacier National Park

    We will transfer to local transportation for an excursion up to Logan Pass (weather permitting). The naming of Going-to-the-Sun Road may have been one of the great moments in marketing, though that was probably not the intent. Still, it is a name everyone has heard, and a trip nearly everyone wants to take. After arriving at Logan Pass it is great fun to hike up (1.5 miles at about 6600 feet of elevation) and visit the goats – who don’t seem to mind human company in the least. We may visit Two Medicine, Saint Mary, and Many Glacier during our full day on the east side of Glacier Park.

    Logan Pass Glacier National Park

    Mountain Goats play host on Logan Pass in Glacier National Park

    Traveling with a second vehicle has several advantages beyond just the ability to take different members of the group to different places according to their interests. Another advantage is that even when we are at the same location, people who choose not to take a particular hike don't need to wait for those who do. Perhaps most important of all is that, from among thirty passengers, 26 to 27 will have either front row seats or window seats when we pass through the most scenic areas.


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