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    The Epic American West Tour (EAWT) is filled with variety, and the core concept of the trip is to go on short walks (from easy to moderately difficult) to see some of the most interesting places and extraordinary sights on Earth – nearly every day.

    The hosts of EAWT developed the idea during numerous trips taken between the Mexican and Canadian borders for the purpose of pure enjoyment. It was a process of realization to see how close each special region was to the next - an unbroken chain of marvels along the spine of the USA. The route which evolved from this process visits twelve USA National Parks – including Carlsbad Cavern, Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, and Glacier. But, in addition to the most famous destinations, EAWT will also introduce our guests to their new favorite places – many of which they have never known about before.

    Glacier National Park

    The extraordinary itinerary is just the beginning, as we also completely re-invented the concept of land cruising – and the standard motorcoach tour. We down-scaled the size of the primary vehicle to accommodate only 30 guests – so that our group won’t overwhelm the places we visit. But the innovation which could change the industry is our addition of a second, auxiliary vehicle. Tailored special excursions are included in the overall tour, not added-on for additional charges. The entire group isn’t stuck doing the same thing at the same time - all of the time. We designed a coach tour which we would be willing to take ourselves.

    There are more special features:

    We travel in the quiet months of September, October, and May – avoiding peak summer crowds.

    Guests are encouraged to research the places we visit to find and suggest options which suit their particular interests.

    So, can a pair of hardy veterans of the travel business provide true touring happiness by taking you to their own favorite places? We think so. Grab your best walking shoes and come on along.

    Courtney Keller - PresidentCourtney Keller - President

    After more than two decades in the travel industry Courtney thought she had retired, but the idea of the Epic American West Tour was just enough fun to get her back again.

    Fluent in French, and pretty good in Italian, we will probably have her come along as interpreter if your group speaks either language. Otherwise, she shows up and travels along on her own timetable. The only problem with having her on a trip is that she will want to organize games of bridge, or she will want to teach anyone who doesn't already know how to play.

    She is our in-house expert consultant on all the various minor details of the business of travel. She worries so that you don't have to.

    Jeffrey EvansJeffrey Evans - Operations Manager

    Jeffrey Evans is the lead driver, and your primary guide, on the tour.

    Jeffrey designed the route we'll be following, set up the website you are viewing, and has supplied all the photos (except this one). He has over 35 years of mountain driving experience in the Aspen, Colorado area - fifteen as a professional. The clientele he serves in Aspen expects a high degree of service and attention to detail, delivered in a relaxed and informal manner. You are invited to expect the same.

    Jeffrey likes to carry luggage and clean vehicles just to stay busy.